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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mormo \Mor"mo\, n. [Gr. mormw` a hideous she-monster, a bugbear.] A bugbear; false terror. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A bugbear; false terror.

''For the moth genus, see '' Mormo (moth).

In Greek mythology, Mormo (, Mormō) was a spirit who bit bad children, and was said to have been a companion of the goddess Hecate. The name was also used to signify a female vampire-like creature in stories told to Greek children by their nurses to keep them from misbehaving. This reference is primarily found in some of the plays of Aristophanes. Mormo is also referenced in The Alexiad, which goes to show that Mormo was still taught to children during Byzantine times. The Mormo would steal children in revenge of Queen Laestrygonian who was deprived by her children.

Mormo (moth)

'Mormo ' is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Usage examples of "mormo".

People talk about Sabaktes and Mormo and all that, kind of like they was a joke.

Such deities were the Thracian Bendis, whose manifestation was heralded by the howling of her fierce black hounds, and Hecate the terrible QUeen of the realm of ghosts, as Euripides calls her, and the vampire Mormo and the dark Summanus who at midnight hurled loud thunderbolts and launched the deadly levin through the starless sky.

Earthly, and Heavenly Goddess of the Light, Queen of the Night, Companion to the Darkness, Wanderer, Traveler, you who crave the terror of mortals, Great Gorgo, Mormo, Keeper of the Moon in Its Thousand Shifting Forms.