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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Morepork \More"pork`\, n. [So named from its cry.] (Zo["o]l.) The Australian crested goatsucker ( [AE]gotheles Nov[ae]-Hollandi[ae]). Also applied to other allied birds, as Podargus Cuveiri.


n. (context chiefly NZ English) The (vern: boobook owl) (taxlink Ninox novaeseelandiae species noshow=1). (from 19th c.)


The morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae), also called the Tasmanian spotted owl, is a small brown owl found throughout New Zealand and Tasmania.

Usage examples of "morepork".

There in that little plane, she imitated the bulbul of Malaysia and the morepork owl of New Zealand, and so on.

The Piccaninnies who had lived in that part of the bush could never again return to the cool green shades of the forest, never slide down a fern leaf, or swing on the branches, or pick puriri berries, or pelt the morepork in the daytime.