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Moren is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Lew Moren, baseball pitcher
  • Peter Morén, member of Swedish band Peter Bjorn and John
  • Peter Morén (drummer), heavy metal drummer
  • Valtteri Moren, Finnish footballer
  • Ibutamoren

Usage examples of "moren".

Let me negotiate for Moren, for octolaris and riberry trees worth a thousand bars of gold.

The disease was spreading, working its greatest damage among the people of Moren who had the least.

Poor Moren has little to offer now, but you should at least have found clean sheets upon your bed.

He thinks that he can come here to Moren and exploit us when we need him most.

Rani knew that one corner had boasted two silver shops and the finest woven goods in all of Moren, but now nothing remained of the rich shops.

The Touched might be the only folk in all of Moren to have grown richer from the fire.

I think about shipments of lumber arriving in Moren, and how we are to pay the waiting tradesmen.

She tried to convince herself that she wanted only to stay in Moren, only to read her books, to work toward being a journeyman.

Even before the fire in Moren, the marketplace had been slow for the winter.

Would Moren have been so needy if Hal had not siphoned off some of his gold to the cabal?

The Touched girl looked as if she were back in the Moren of her youth, leading her troop of ragged children, exploiting the riches of a city that knew boundless wealth.

Rani swallowed a bitter taste as she realized once again that the familiar Moren was lost forever.

Hal can, and Davin, and all the people of Moren, who will have no choice if they wish our land to survive.

His words were mocking, condemning, and Rani wanted to explain, wanted to make him understand that she had had no choice but to work for Moren, no choice but to bid for the trees, whatever the cost to the players, to Tovin.

Kedarn, and Drudwas the son of Tryffin, and Twrch the son of Perif, and Twrch the son of Annwas, and Iona king of France, and Sel the son of Selgi, and Teregud the son of Iaen, and Sulyen the son of Iaen, and Bradwen the son of Iaen, and Moren the son of Iaen, and Siawn the son of Iaen, and Cradawc the son of Iaen.