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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A new furniture shop with a three-piece suite in uncut moquette in the window next to a cocktail cabinet shiny as toffee.
▪ Its craftsman made upholstery is from the Allied classic range of sculptured moquette in a subtle blend of fresh shades.
▪ The fireplace held a gas fire; the walls were a figured cream paper: the three-piece suite of maroon uncut moquette.
▪ The seats were upholstered in Johnston's grey moquette like the bogie cars.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Moquette \Mo*quette"\, n. [F.] A kind of carpet having a short velvety pile.


n. 1 A kind of fabric with a thick pile used for carpeting or to upholster seating etc. 2 An article covered in such material.


n. a thick velvety synthetic fabric used for carpets and soft upholstery


Moquette, derived from the French word for carpet, is a type of woven pile fabric in which cut or uncut threads form a short dense cut or loop pile. As well as giving it a distinctive velvet-like feel, the pile construction is particularly durable, and ideally suited to applications such as public transport. Its upright fibres form a flexible, non-rigid surface, which are constantly displaced to give durability and anti-stain benefits. Traditional moquette fabrics are made from a wool nylon face with an interwoven cotton backing.

Usage examples of "moquette".

I retained the best of the furniture from our Hampstead apartment, at that time the exemplar of restrained urban taste: Hille couch and armchairs in wood and moquette, Heals sideboard in sycamore, an original Ercol dining-room set, Luminator lamps from Arte Luce, Aubusson needlepoint rugs.

E fu Daryl che la fittò per tutti quegli anni a gente del cinema, facendo sì che fossero loro a saldare il conto della nuova piscina, della nuova moquette, del nuovo belvedere e dei dipinti, che la facevano somigliare a una vetrina di museo.

It had all the makings of the average Brentford front sitter: the moquette three-piece, the nylon carpet, the occasional table whose occasion was yet to come, the fitted bookshelves and the television set.

Such as: an exercise bike, a dressmaker's dummy with the face of Cliff Richard, a hundred pairs of shoes, her Piaggio (which I was looking forward to riding), two inflatable armchairs and, in his travelling basket, Adrian, a furious-looking black tom cat whose continual yowling only stopped when he was let out into the living room and went straight about attacking the moquette of my Hille couch with his claws.

Le stanze erano formate dalla disposizione dei mobili d'antiquariato su tipi diversi di moquette e sotto piccoli riflettori.

She had been put to sit on a beige moquette chair near an oil heater with the heat turned low and given a tumbler of warm milk.