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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And 3578 mopeds were sold last month against October 1999's 2719.
▪ Fiats and mopeds clog the streets of Palermo, Ragusa, and the smaller cities.
▪ So far this year, 29,060 mopeds have found buyers-up 35 per cent on the same period in 1999.
▪ That means bike sales are up 2.6 per cent and mopeds up 34.2 per cent.
▪ There was hardly any traffic, just a few parked cars and a cluster of mopeds around the door of the bar opposite.
▪ They moved 3232 mopeds compared with 2739 in November 1999.
▪ While walking the rest of the way, you are run over by kids on mopeds.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mope \Mope\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Moped; p. pr. & vb. n. Moping.] [Cf. D. moppen to pout, Prov. G. muffen to sulk.] To be dull and spiritless; to spend time doing little; as, to mope around the house. ``Moping melancholy.''

A sickly part of one true sense Could not so mope.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1956, from Swedish (c.1952), from (trampcykel med) mo(tor och) ped(aler) "pedal cycle with engine and pedals" (the earliest versions had auxiliary pedals). Compare obsolete English mo-bike (1925), from motor bicycle.


Etymology 1

  1. melancholy, dejected. v

  2. (en-past of: mope) Etymology 2

    alt. A lightweight, two-wheeled vehicle equipped with a small motor and pedals, designed to go no faster than some specified speed limit. n. A lightweight, two-wheeled vehicle equipped with a small motor and pedals, designed to go no faster than some specified speed limit.


n. a motorbike that can be pedaled or driven by a low-powered gasoline engine

Moped (band)

Moped was a New Zealand band formed in Palmerston North by three brothers, Gareth (guitar & backing vocals), Hayden (bass and lead vocals) and Karl Shearman (drums). They played a brand of groove saturated reggae rock, with lyrics which speak of a clear Christian commitment.

Usage examples of "moped".

Arnie Boysenberry got up, left the office and moped down the steps to his office on the next floor.

I gave him the required bank information, did a quick mental evaluation of what was left, and moped for the next fifteen minutes while lusting after practically everything in the new Ann Tayler online catalogue.

Tankado went to work on an old Moped and ate a bag lunch alone at his desk instead of joining the rest of the department for prime rib and vichyssoise in the commissary.

For hours he had moped about his tiny cabin in the planetoid-ship, dreaming of the good old days back at the family spinnery before he had lost his job as a young apprentice bus driver and had been facing the dismal prospect of disownment from the Nest for disgraceful negligence.

So it was that, as hour followed hour and the tale of them lengthened into days, he fell into a temper of morbid brooding that was little like the man, and instead of faring abroad and seeking what amusement he might find in the most carefree city of the post-War world, shut himself up in his rooms and moped, indifferent to all things but the knocks at his door, the stridulation of the telephone bell that might announce the arrival of the desired message.

Granny moped, unbuttoning the strap that kept his revolver hi the holster.

Daryl delighted in citing large, powerful four-door sedans with all the amenitiesQair conditioning, power windows, cellular phone, adjustable steering column, tape/CD/AM-FM stereo entertainment system, leather upholstery, dual overhead camshafts, tinted glass all aroundQwhile mocking me for my continued insistence on ticketing nothing larger than mopeds and bicycles.

But, in truth, Stevie moped in the striking fashion of an unhappy domestic animal.

Outside a gated compound, a tousled-haired white tourist in an enormous Fubu football jersey was talking to two uniformed men with assault rifles while a group of students from Italy -- Hand was sure it was Italy -- in crisp white tops and black pants and skirts lightly dusted, whinnied by on mopeds.

We went swimming and snorkeling at Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay, and then raced mopeds along the picturesque Middle and Harbor Roads.

Here was this stout little woman searching godforsaken neighborhoods in the dead of night for her missing husband, while Keyes just moped along feeling sorry for himself over a lousy bump on the neck.

Disconsolate, Jeremy moped for nearly a week, examining and re-examining his handiwork for the inhibiting flaw.

Indeed, Alethea should not have been aboard the ship in the first place - except that when she found out that Duncan was planning to take Caitriona to the Holy Land to see all the places he and Padraig had visited during his long pilgrimage, the younger girl had moped and whined and sulked until her father relented and agreed to take her, too.

Langdon gazed down at the mopeds, sight-seeing buses, and armies of miniature Fiat sedans buzzing around rotaries in all directions.

The humidity was uncommonly low for the Keys, and thanks in part to the protection of the thick flame-red canopy of poinciana that arched over the compound, we were just hot enough that the gentle steady breezes were welcome as much for their coolness as for the cycling symphony of pleasing scents they carried: sea salt, frangipani, fried conch fritters, Erin's rose garden, iodine, coral dust, lime, sunblock, five different kinds of coffee, the indescribable but distinctive bouquet of a Cuban sandwich being pressed somewhere upwind, excellent marijuana in a wooden pipe, and just a soupcon of distant moped exhaust.