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n. A primitive ray-finned fish of the family ''(taxlink Hiodontidae family)''.


n. recurrent eye inflammation in horses; sometimes resulting in blindness [syn: moon blindness]


The mooneyes are a family, the Hiodontidae, of ray-finned fish comprising two living and three extinct species in the genus Hiodon. They are large-eyed, fork-tailed fish that physically resemble shads. Their common name comes from the metallic gold or silver shine of their eyes.

The higher classification of the mooneyes is not as yet fully established. Some sources place them in their own Order - Hiodontiformes (as in the treatment here), while others retain them in the order Osteoglossiformes.

Usage examples of "mooneye".

Jonathan thought that the two on the fishing trawler were probably drinking their pint at the old Mooneye right at that moment and that old Monroe was likely shoving a joint of beef up onto a spit while his wife cleaned potatoes and rolled out crusts for pies.

Butterwort and red-and-blue never-say-die clambered up the gullies toward the hillcrests, and white mooneyes covered the ground almost everywhere that grass did not.

If the rafters would condescend, he said, to stay at the old Mooneye for a day or two to rest up, then no one would worry about business of any sort until the day after tomorrow.