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n. (plural of monument English)

Monuments (album)

Monuments is a 1998 progressive trance album by Los Angeles-based DJ Doran.

Monuments (band)

Monuments were founded in January 1981 in Turin, Italy. The band emerged from the ashes of the new wave band Tecknospray (1978–81), where the founding members played side by side as guitarist/keyboardist and bassist/keyboardist. In the new line-up Mauro Tavella (synthesizer and programs) and Andrea Costa (synthesizer and vocals) immediately decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to electro - music. Their aim was to blend traditional pop melodies with the latest synthesized sounds.

Monuments (metal band)

Monuments is a British progressive metal band formed by former Fellsilent guitarist, John Browne, and former The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza guitarist, Josh Travis. The band has released two full-length albums via Century Media Records, Gnosis and The Amanuensis, in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Usage examples of "monuments".

The Himyarite Arabs, as I have shown, derived their name originally from their red color, and they were constantly depicted on the Egyptian monuments as red or light brown.

Indian scalp-lock is found on the Egyptian monuments as one of the characteristics of the Japhetic Libyans, who shaved all the head except one lock in the middle.

He considers these structures to be simply sepulchral monuments, and, after examining five or six thousand of them, maintains that the dolmens of Africa and of Europe were all constructed by the same race, during their emigration from the shores of the Baltic to the southern coast of the Mediterranean.

Central American monuments may throw stronger light upon the connection between the Maya and the European alphabets, and that further discoveries of inscriptions in Europe may approximate the alphabets of the New and Old World still more closely by supplying intermediate forms.

Frank was delighted with some of the monuments and horrified by others, and he communicated both his joy and his anger to Maude.

They noticed together how the moderns and the Elizabethans had much in common in their types of face, their way of wearing the hair, and their taste in monuments, while between them lie the intolerable affectations - which culminated towards the end of last century.

There were a tall red-bearded man with a very Scotch accent and a small gentle wife, also an American father with his two bright and enthusiastic daughters, a petty-officer of the navy in his uniform, two young men whose attention was cruelly distracted from the monuments by the American girls, and a dozen other travellers of various sexes and ages.

Deluge holds so considerable a place in the legendary memories of all branches of the Aryan race, the monuments and original texts of Egypt, with their many cosmogonic speculations, have not afforded one, even distant, allusion to this cataclysm.

ON the monuments of Central America there are representations of bearded men.

We are forced to one of two conclusions: either the monuments date back to the time of the mammoth in North America, or these people held intercourse at some time in the past with races who possessed the elephant, and from whom they obtained pictures of that singular animal.

And, on the other hand, how can we account for the representations of negroes on the monuments of Central America?

Egyptians of preserving, the aristocratic distinction of the color of their skin, that they represented themselves on the monuments as of a crimson hue--an exaggeration of their original race complexion.

Now, if we turn to the ancient hieroglyphics upon the monuments of Central America, we will find the human face appearing in a great many of them, as in the following, which we copy from the Tablet of the Cross at Palenque.

We may therefore conclude that the skull-flattening, which we find to have been practised in both the Old and New Worlds, was an attempt of other races to imitate the form of skull of a people whose likenesses are found on the monuments of Egypt and of America.

Egyptian priests to Solon, as to the glory and greatness of Atlantis, its monuments, its sculpture, its laws, its religion, its civilization?