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Monier may refer to:

  • Damien Monier (born 1982), French professional road bicycle racer
  • Georges Monier (1892–1974), Belgian composer
  • Jean Monier (or Mosnier) (1600–56), French painter
  • Joseph Monier (1823–1906), one of the principal inventors of reinforced concrete
  • Louis Monier (born 1956), founder of Internet search engine AltaVista
  • Monier Monier-Williams (1819–99), British Indologist
  • Pierre Monier (or Mosnier) (1641–1703), French painter
  • Sébastien Monier (born 1984), French-Mauritian footballer
  • Thomas Monier, French slalom canoer
  • Monier Field, baseball venue in Charleston, Illinois, USA
  • Monier Group, roofing company

Usage examples of "monier".

He was Antoine Monier, a circus performer who had gone big time, like Siegfried and Roy.

Herr Monier, if you would like to see a female tiger, we were able to rescue one.

I had a comrade in those days--a tall fellow, with a cast in his eye, but as good as gold--and his name was Jacques Monier, and he was born inland on the Rhone.

Great changes had taken place, the Little Corporal had been declared hereditary Emperor of France, but Jacques Monier and I were still in the ranks.

But I am going to tell you what happened to Jacques Monier and myself.

He talked of Jacques Monier, and, stretching out his open hands over the coverlet, fancied he was warming them over the bivouac fire.

I have also invited Monsieur Monier of Interpol so he can listen to what you have to say.