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n. (archaic spelling of money English)

Usage examples of "monie".

In Chapter 10, for instance, I advocate a voucher system, in which tax monies are used to subsidize schooling, but in Part III I argue for a society with no taxes, no government, and therefore no vouchers.

It is in no way honored by spending billions of dollars of tax monies to put a piece of painted metal on the moon.

Such a system is very much like the competing international monies of the Middle Ages.

It is certainly convenient for the monies of different firms to exchange at a ratio of one to one, just as it is convenient for nuts made by one firm to fit bolts made by another, but this does not require that all money, or all nuts and bolts, be made by the same firm.

The obvious way to arrange for standardization is for the different banks offering fractional reserve monies to use the same commodity in the same units.

A motion was made by a court member, that it appeared the monies already issued and applied towards discharging the national debts, together with a sum to be issued at Lady-day, amounted to six millions six hundred and forty-eight thousand seven hundred and sixty two pounds, five shillings and one penny one farthing.

The commons immediately resolved, that but of the monies arising from the sale of lands in the island of St.

They presented their compliments to Major Sharpe, then begged leave to inform him that, in accordance with his written instructions to allow Mrs Jane Sharpe authority over his account, they had sold all his 4 per cent stock and transferred the monies into the charge of Mrs Jane Sharpe of Cork Street, Westminster.

He was pursuing Mr Craw, who, he alleged, was in possession of monies rightly due to him, and Mr Craw was retreating from the fire to the vacant part of the floor where Jaikie stood.

I want to get this pocket kingdom into a shape that will please both its people and Brian and then get me and mine back to Italy, first to collect the monies still due us, then to get to work driving the poxy Spaniards and Moors and their hirelings out of my native land.

Eamonn did not deny receipt of the monies or subsequent use of them, only that he and his kingdom were responsible for repaying said monies.

Court of Bourgesses are not entitled to delay your permission to leave unreasonably unless they have reason to suspect you are a criminal or owe monies in Tyre.

The monies required are on deposit and all the artisans have seen the pouches sealed.

The English and the French armies are preparing to sail in early spring, so that all requests for monies and supplies must be made quickly or not be made at all until they reach the Holy Land.

Edward and Carolyn have a trust fund into which Stanhope monies are deposited.