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International Monetary Fund
the monetary/cash value (=the value of something in money)
▪ They made an attempt to assess the cash value of the contract.
▪ For equilibrium, where is the rate of change of the nominal money supply set by the monetary authorities.
▪ Rational agents are not repeatedly and systematically duped by the actions of the monetary authorities.
▪ Accordingly, they can be ignored by monetary authorities seeking to control the overall price level.
▪ Obviously the snake arrangements required intervention by domestic monetary authorities when currencies looked likely to break out of the 2¼ percent band.
▪ Governments and their agents, the monetary authorities, are continually changing course in the conduct of their monetary policies.
▪ If nothing else happens, we are in the world of monetary base control.
▪ This shows how intermediation via Euromarket banks can increase the volume of spending for a given monetary base.
▪ They have none of them anything to do with attempts to specify a ratio for monetary base type control purposes.
▪ Open-market operations should therefore be much more effective in reducing general liquidity than in reducing the monetary base.
▪ Provided this agreement exists there can be no pretence at a system of monetary base control.
▪ Thus although the monetary base is controlled, spending still expands.
▪ The possibility of controlling the monetary base as a means of influencing monetary growth is discussed in section 9.1.
▪ The Convertible Act requires the Central Bank to maintain 100 % backing for the monetary base in gold and currency.
▪ Should monetary compensation be made available as a remedy in public law, and if so, on what basis?
▪ They have done so by fixing arbitrary standards of monetary compensation which ... are not susceptible of analysis.
▪ There would be monetary compensation for the loss of the flat.
▪ Stabilisation based on fiscal balance and monetary control is thus the sinequanon of a return to economic sanity.
▪ Short-term monetary control: what should governments attempt to control?
▪ Its key element was a relaxation of the past two years' tight monetary controls in an effort to halt recession.
▪ If the demand curve shifts very much, and if it is inelastic, then monetary control will be very difficult.
▪ Even though this is the current preferred method of monetary control it is not without its difficulties.
▪ Eventually, the existing form of monetary control would be rendered useless.
▪ Thus targeting was abandoned, but the government still continued to use various techniques of monetary control.
▪ Problem of an unstable demand Accurate monetary control requires the authorities to be able to predict the demand curve for money.
▪ The suit asked the court for injunctive relief and monetary damages.
▪ The suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.
▪ The complaint seeks monetary damages for victims and a fine as high as $ 10,000 for each of the two charges.
▪ If the jurors find Simpson responsible, Fujisaki told them, they will then have to determine the amount of monetary damages.
▪ The trial, in which the plaintiffs will seek yet-unspecified monetary damages, is scheduled to start April 2&038;.
▪ What has this monetary expansion financed?
▪ This means that in the long-run, the full effect of any monetary expansion will be on the price level.
▪ Here, then, is a fourth source of monetary growth.
▪ A similar constraint is visible in the monetary growth rates of all the advanced industrial countries.
▪ A third modification is to introduce an explicit private-sector aggregate demand shock and to eliminate the random component of monetary growth.
▪ This is a stark indicator of the fall in monetary growth since the end of the cold war.
▪ For example, markets will always have a view about the government's policy on monetary growth.
▪ Holding monetary growth so low virtually dooms the United States to stagnant wages and social tensions.
▪ Its symptoms are familiar: feeble monetary growth, a weak property market and a distressed banking system.
▪ Recall that the authorities may have an interest in seeing interest rates rise in order to discourage bank lending and monetary growth.
▪ Secondly, we should consider carefully the statutes of the monetary institution.
▪ Most international monetary institutions were regarded as being outdated with virtually no Communist country representation.
▪ It is also important for the City to ensure that the central bank and monetary institution come here.
▪ Be that as it may, there now exists a political consensus in favour of the complete monetary integration of the Community.
▪ Similarly, the process of monetary integration must be accompanied by progress towards political integration.
▪ There exists sufficient political will as to inspire confidence that the Community will proceed towards complete monetary integration.
▪ In this context, special interest is attached to the role of fiscal and monetary policy in the generation of cycles.
▪ As a result, most of these countries have switched to orthodox fiscal and monetary policies to curb inflation.
▪ The project assesses the impact of monetary policy on the changing structure of the banking industry on both prices and incomes.
▪ At points this chapter steps outside the traditional boundaries of economics, and discusses some psychological problems in making monetary policy.
▪ Keynesian and monetarist attitudes towards monetary policy Keynesians and monetarists give very different answers to these questions.
▪ The Bundesbank central council will meet Thursday to debate interest-rate and monetary policy.
▪ In some other countries central banks are more independent of the government and can take much more initiative in deciding monetary policy.
▪ Anti-inflationary policies lead to restrictive monetary policies that deliberately produced high unemployment.
▪ Nobody can dodge the monetary reform.
▪ By a 45-vote majority the Congress supported the continuation of the monetary reform policy freezing an estimated US$115,000 million in private financial assets.
▪ Work itself may be a pleasure and the monetary reward may be of limited importance after a minimum income is gained.
▪ Later, her staff members became aware of the larger number of promotions and monetary rewards accorded to people in other groups.
▪ It does not disappear from the monetary sector.
▪ Its function as banker to the government and to the monetary sector.
▪ As we have seen above, discount houses and other members of the monetary sector have substantial short-term funds lent to each other.
▪ Firstly, that the monetary sector can expand its assets and liabilities up to a limit imposed by its available reserves.
▪ Under the 1979 and 1987 Banking Acts, a monetary sector was defined.
▪ We now consider the sector which comprises institutions other than those in the monetary sector.
▪ The monetary sector now comprises those institutions subject to the Bank's supervisory powers under the 1987 Banking Act.
▪ The upper graph shows the economy's initial general equilibrium position in the real and monetary sectors.
▪ By definition monetary stability has two dimensions: a price and an exchange rate dimension.
▪ Again frustrated, the two were ripe for the monetary stability Clive Davis could offer.
▪ The policy of economic rigour and monetary stability, which had kept inflation to around 3 percent, would nevertheless be maintained.
▪ Countries with the greatest monetary stability, it admitted, keep their central banks free of political control.
▪ If the monetary system topples the economic system will also come crashing down.
▪ As cities and their monetary systems organized further into city-states and then into nations, an economic system called mercantilism developed.
▪ He argued that the international monetary system, based largely on the dollar, contained certain inherent contradictions.
▪ Consequently a lack of cooperation in the international monetary system only served to intensify the economic problem of the 1930s.
▪ The main issue is how an international monetary system adjusts to shocks and to changes in economic circumstances between countries.
▪ The characteristic features of an international monetary system based on floating are as follows:.
▪ By the late 1970s it became obvious that the petro-dollar surplus was not going to destroy the international monetary system.
▪ The only monetary target he should be interested in was the price of his memoirs.
▪ These instruments can be directed at the two monetary targets, the money supply and interest rates.
▪ Table 8.3 shows that the government regularly exceeded its monetary targets.
▪ There have been several other occasions on which the government's monetary targets have not been achieved.
▪ As seen above, initially the monetary target was fixed in terms of M3.
▪ The unanswered question is whether economic convergence and the move towards monetary union are a self-reinforcing mechanism.
▪ Bonn sets new deadline for full monetary union.
▪ Farmers were among the hardest hit by economic and monetary union.
▪ It was agreed to harmonize fiscal incentives for investors and to aim at the creation of a monetary union by 1995.
▪ No doubt we will have another debate before then on economic and monetary union.
▪ Occasionally I meet some one who likes their work but is disappointed with the monetary value put on it.
▪ To place a monetary value on the prevention of an epidemic is largely conjectural.
▪ Certainly for earlier periods the rarity and high monetary value of items will place them beyond the reach of schools.
▪ Recorded Delivery is for ordinary letters or documents which have little or no monetary value.
▪ The monetary value of the lamp, as opposed to its humanitarian value, was greatly appreciated by all the major principals concerned.
▪ Silver and gold are rare and were prized for their monetary value, appearance and resistance to corrosion.
▪ Several speakers at the seminar argued for a monetary value to be placed on resources such as irrigation water.
▪ They were worried only about what would happen to the monetary value of the paintings and their business as dealers.
▪ a plan to introduce monetary reform
▪ European monetary union
▪ Some economists question the effectiveness of monetary control as a means of regulating the economy.
▪ The country has a monetary system based on the value of gold.
▪ The IMF should not dictate how Mexico should run its monetary policies.
▪ There's only one conclusion to make about this data on monetary growth.
▪ Eventually, a contractionary monetary policy of this form must work.
▪ In addition to getting his own way, monetary profits and his cousin Silvia, he also cared about winning races.
▪ In addition to the monetary settlement, Price Pfister will also help fund a lead education program for consumers.
▪ Keynesian and monetarist attitudes towards monetary policy Keynesians and monetarists give very different answers to these questions.
▪ Let us consider economic and monetary union and a single currency.
▪ The first is that the constant component of monetary growth, g, does now exert an influence on real output.
▪ The great decline in velocity from 1980 to 1986 may seem to support those who say that monetary policy had little influence.
▪ Will we display more of the statesmanship, selflessness, and disregard for monetary advantage associated with public service and professional responsibility?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Monetary \Mon"e*ta*ry\, a. [L. monetarius belonging to a mint. See Money.] Of or pertaining to money, or consisting of money; pecuniary. ``The monetary relations of Europe.''
--E. Everett.

Monetary unit, the standard of a national currency, as the dollar in the United States, the pound in England, the peso in Mexico, the ruble in Russia, the franc in France, the mark in Germany. Also, the standard of an international currency, such as the euro used in the European union.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pertaining to money," 1802, from Late Latin monetarius "pertaining to money," originally "of a mint," from Latin moneta "mint, coinage" (see money). Related: Monetarily.


a. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of money.


adj. relating to or involving money; "monetary rewards"; "he received thanks but no pecuniary compensation for his services" [syn: pecuniary]


Usage examples of "monetary".

To-day it is our system of public book-keeping, a part of our state statistical organization, a clearing-house of obligations and a monetary record of the accumulating surplus of racial energy, which the world-controls apportion to our ever expanding enterprises.

His heart sank as he saw that the tariff, instead of being quoted in the common contraction of monits, was given in monetary unitsthe sort of traditional touch usually associated with exorbitant prices.

This does not mean I think monetary gain was necessarily the prime motivator in the case, although it could have been.

They too may be contending for the principle of the right of organization and control over their own economic destinies, so that they may be willing to suffer loss for a longer period than they would if they stood to gain only the immediate monetary advantages, but when immediate costs more than overweigh ultimate psychological advantages, they too will be willing to capitulate.

These, with the approval and supervision of the Combine authorities, made themselves available to the Prole males for a small monetary return.

There was no mercy, no monetary gain, and no sense of sportsmanship or fair play.

In the previous section we referred to both the structural means of intervention that involve the deployments of monetary mechanisms and financial maneuvers over the transnational field of interdependent productive regimes and interventions in the field of communication and their effects on the legitimation of the system.

Capitalist System as it was called, came to disaster in the second and third decades of the twentieth century because of the disproportionate development of its industrial production, the unsoundness and vulnerability of its monetary nexus, and its political inadaptability.

System Monetary Units for the Secret, Infallible, Autosuggestive Formula.

Since the controls provided by Bretton Woods made the dollar de facto inconvertible, the monetary mediation of international production and trade developed through a phase characterized by the relatively free circulation of capital, the construction of a strong Eurodollar market, and the fixing of political parity more or less everywhere in the dominant countries.

The declining effectiveness of the Bretton Woods mechanisms and the decomposition of the monetary system of Fordism in the dominant countries made it clear that the reconstruction of an international system of capital would have to involve a comprehensive restructuring of economic relations and a paradigm shift in the definition of world command.

Mamercus promised, heavyhearted, and did much that day to safeguard the mobile and monetary property of Sulla, Scaurus, Drusus, the Servilii Caepiones, Dalmatica, Cornelia Sulla, and himself.

A freely competing economy based on monetary values seemed incompatible with the noncompetitive Ganymean character and raised the question of what alternative system the aliens used to measure and control the obligations between an individual and the rest of society.

The losses from this primitive phreaking activity are far, far greater than the monetary losses caused by computer-intruding hackers.

While comparatively protected in the brothels, where they represented a certain monetary value, the girls now found themselves on the street, absolutely at the mercy of the graft-greedy police.