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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mon \Mon\ (m[o^]n), n. [Jap., usually translated as crest.] (Japan) The badge of a family, esp. of a family of the ancient feudal nobility. The most frequent form of the mon is circular, and it commonly consists of conventionalized forms from nature, flowers, birds, insects, the lightnings, the waves of the sea, or of geometrical symbolic figures; color is only a secondary character. It appears on lacquer and pottery, and embroidered on, or woven in, fabrics. The imperial chrysanthemum, the mon of the reigning family, is used as a national emblem. Formerly the mon of the shoguns of the Tokugawa family was so used.


Etymology 1 n. 1 The former currency of Japan until 1870, before the yen. 2 The badge or crest of a Japanese family, especially a family of the ancient feudal nobility. It is typically circular and consists of conventionalized forms from nature. Etymology 2

n. (context slang used in the vocative English) A colloquial means of address of ''man'' in places such as Jamaica and Shropshire in England.


Mon or Møn may refer to:

Mon (emblem)

, also , , and , are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. While mon is an encompassing term that may refer to any such device, kamon and mondokoro refer specifically to emblems used to identify a family. An authoritative mon reference compiles Japan's 241 general categories of mon based on structural resemblance (a single mon may belong to multiple categories), with 5116 distinct individual mon (it is however well acknowledged that there exist lost or obscure mon that are not in this compilation).

The devices are similar to the badges and coats of arms in European heraldic tradition, which likewise are used to identify individuals and families. Mon are often referred to as crests in Western literature, another European heraldic device similar to the mon in function.

Mon (architecture)

is a generic Japanese term for gate often used, either alone or as a suffix, in referring to the many gates used by Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and traditional-style buildings and castles.

Usage examples of "mon".

Pour moi il y a longtemps que je vous aurais adresse cette demande en mon nom.

Et voici que le chanoine Trevoux, trente ans apres sa belle mort, entre, coiffe de son tricorne, sa tabatiere a la main, dans mon ame surprise.

Retirez-vous, messieurs, dit le roi aux autres personnes de sa suite, cette affaire ne concerne que mon oreille.

But voila, mon petit, here comes Chandos and his company, and there is many a pensil and banderole among yonder squadrons which show that the best blood of England is riding under his banners.

May, Louis of Nassau, with a body of troops from France, captured the important town of Mons by surprise, but was at once beleaguered there by a Spanish army.

EPILOGUE Han was sitting on a shingle of a beach on Mon Calamari, silently enjoying the sunset with Leia, when Lando Cal-rissian came calling.

All of 150 meters long, it had the gentle curves of smaller ships, or the larger Mon Calamari warships.

Mon Calamari Star Cruisers were plated and shielded to withstand multiple direct hits, but he thought he remembered several more of the huge, lumpy crafts.

Indeed, the battle cruiser was an impressive warship, an updated and more heavily armed and armored version of the Mon Calamari star cruiser.

Dour, like most of his water-dwelling brethren of Mon Calamari, Pwoe was the first Quarren ever to serve on the Advisory Council, and certainly an unexpected choice.

The planet of Mon Calamari would, of course, always hold a seat, since their star cruisers and their support had proven so valuable in overthrowing the Empire and establishing the New Republic, but always before - and it was comMonly assumed that the tradition would continue in perpetuity - it had been a Mon Calamarian, and not a Quarren, to serve on the council.

Indeed, Admiral Ackbar had seemed the logical choice to represent Mon Calamari on the Advisory Council, as he had done back when the first Provisional Council was formed, but when the push for Pwoe - a push Luke suspected orchestrated by Borsk - had become serious, Ackbar had waved away all thoughts of rejoining the council and had retired.

Wookiee Triebakk howling out some complaints at Pwoe about a failure in one of the nav systems of the newest Mon Calamari battle cruisers.

Like all the Mon Calamari ships, this one was unique, an artwork, sleek and flowing, and ultimately deadly.

It was the largest ship ever produced on that watery world, nearly twice the size of the battle cruiser they had left behind between Osarian and Rhommamool, and the first Mon Calamari Star Defender produced for the New Republic fleet.