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n. 1 (plural of mom English) 2 diminutive of mom with -s suffix

Moms (TV series)

Moms is a Filipino television talk show that focuses on topics concerning mothers and fathers. On a special occasion, the show will release a topic based on the occasion. It is aired on Q, a sister network of GMA Network.

Moms (album)

Moms is the fifth studio album from the band Menomena. It was released on September 18, 2012.

Moms (film)

Moms is a 2012 Russian anthology film. It consists of eight short films which are set on 8 March, the International Women's Day.

Usage examples of "moms".

We've been at it maybe an hour and half, and the garden's dirt is just about tilled when Hal conies out and down off the pressure-treated redwood deck and comes walking very steadily and seriously toward the border of the garden the Moms had surveyed out with little sticks and string.

This is the most I've thought about the Moms in a dog's age, to be honest with you.

Nobody knew where the ship's mind or the libraries resided—nobody knew where the moms went when they were not among the children, or even how many moms there actually were.

The children knew the voice of the moms, warmly impersonal, craft voices cool and technical, and ship's voice, rarely heard, soft and pleasant, not quite feminine.

The children had no evidence, other than tone of voice, that ship and moms were any different.

If you do not agree, we will keep our thoughts from the moms until better evidence comes along.

She spoke twenty Earth languages and claimed she understood the moms better than any of them.

Donna's cockatoo preened itself on a rack that held samples of cloth the moms could manufacture.

Now, all eighty-two children—Lost Boys and Wendys-—gathered in the schoolroom to make the final decision, and there were six identical moms, all with the same patient, neutral voices.

He had personally estimated there were no more than four moms in the entire ship.

Two moms floated in the center of the schoolroom, beside the star sphere.

Martin would report to the moms every day now, and a mom would be constantly available in the schoolroom.

I'm making a formal request of the moms, right now, that we begin external exercises as soon as possible, before this day is out if we can.

To lose this exercise so completely would be a disgrace, and he could not stand to see the children disgraced before the moms, with so little time until the real Job began.

It was easy to forget the moms were not there to be pleased or displeased.