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Momin means One Who Believes In God. It is also used as a first name in the Middle East and South Asia.

  • People named Momin:
    • Momin Khan Momin (1800–1851), a Mughal-era poet
    • Momin Ansari, a Muslim community, mainly in India, Pakistan, and Nepal
    • Abdul Momin (1785–1885), sultan of Brunei
  • Places
    • Kot Momin, a town in the Sargodha district of Punjab, Pakistan
    • Kot Momin Tehsil, a subdivision of the Sargodha district
    • Ghari Momin, a small village in the Rajouri district of Jammar and Kashmir, India
  • Ethnic groups
    • Memon people were known as Momin when they converted to Islam. Over time this term changed to Memon.