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The crows showed Tom a tiny spring among a jumbled heap of stone nearby and Momie and Manda gathered dry, dead oak twigs for a cheery evening fire where Clem prepared their meal.

He leaned further forward until Momie grasped his belt in back to keep him from tumbling off his perch.

Manda and, together with Momie, she set about laying out lunch for the four while the Dragon sauntered off to explore the lower canyon from ground level.

Manda and Momie had gone to the edge of the brook to wash the lunch dishes and repack them for another flight.

Down by the stream Momie and Manda stopped chattering and rattling pans to listen, too.

Retruance, who, with Momie and Clem, had listened in interested silence to the discussion.

I would think Momie would be a happy helpmeet in anything you decided to do, Clem, farm or furs.

While busied with Madame la Momie, our fire had burned low, for the dry case went like tinder.

Momie and I slipped away from his travel party when it passed close to Overhall on a roundabout way to Lexor.