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Moma may refer to:

  • Moma (moth), an owlet moth genus
  • Moma Airport, a Russian public airport
  • Moma District, Nampula, Mozambique
  • Moma River, a tributary of the Indigirka River
  • Moma language, spoken in Indonesia
  • Modern Hungary Movement (in Hungarian Modern Magyarország Mozgalom), political party abbreviated MoMa
  • Google Moma, the Google corporate intranet
  • An acronym for Museum of Modern Art (disambiguation)
    • Particularly the Museum of Modern Art in New York
    • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • A.D. Moma, a football club in Mozambique
  • Moma, nickname of Momčilo Rajin (born 1954), Serbian art and music critic, theorist and historian, artist and publisher
Moma (moth)

Moma is a genus of owlet moth in the Pantheinae subfamily.