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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Molluscan \Mol*lus"can\, a. (Zo["o]l.) Of or pertaining to mollusks. -- n. A mollusk; one of the Mollusca.


a. Relating to mollusks. n. A mollusk.

Usage examples of "molluscan".

An alternative molluscan species, Hermissenda, has been championed as a rival to Aplysia by the Woods Hole-based neurophysiologist Dan Alkon.

All his professorial estimates of the limitations of the molluscan Bauplan seemed a mirage.

Personal relations among researchers working on Aplysia, and between the Aplysia group in general and those working with other molluscans, such as Dan Alkon and his Woods Hole colleagues studying Hermissenda (Chapter 7), have not always been easy and were sometimes abrasive, to the extent that they attracted science writer Susan Allport to devote an entire book to them.