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Molins or Molíns may refer to:

  • Molins de Rei, a municipality near Barcelona, Spain
  • Molins-sur-Aube, a commune in Champagne-Ardenne, France
  • Palace of the Marquis of Molíns, a building in Madrid, Spain
  • Pont de Molins, a municipality in Catalonia, Spain
  • Pierre de Molins, 13th-century trouvère (French songster)
  • Roger de Molins, 12th-century Knight Hospitaller
  • P. des Molins, 14th-century French composer
  • Adam Molins (d. 1450), English bishop
  • Emilio Molíns, Spanish army officer, Governor-General of the Philippines
  • Jason Molins (born 1974), Irish cricketer
  • Greg Molins (born 1976), Irish cricketer
  • Guillermo Molins (born 1988), Swedish-Uruguayan footballer
  • Lara Molins (born 1980), Irish cricketer
  • Mariano Roca de Togores, 1st Marquis of Molíns (1812–1889), Spanish nobleman
  • Louis Sala-Molins (born 1935), French academic
Other uses
  • Molins gun, a variation of the Ordnance QF 6-pounder anti-tank gun