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n. A traditional Mexican whisk that is twirled between the palms in order to stir hot beverages.


Molinillo may refer to:

  • Matisia grandifolia, also known as Molinillo, a flowering plant from Ecuador
  • Molinillo, Spain a town in Salamanca Province, Spain
  • Molinillo (whisk), a traditional Mexican whisk
Molinillo (whisk)

A molinillo is a traditional Mexican turned wood whisk, also used in Colombia and the Philippines, where it is also called a batirol or batidor. Its use is principally for the preparation of hot beverges such as hot chocolate, atole and champurrado. The molinillo is held between the palms and rotated by rubbing the palms together; this rotation creates the froth in the drink. This process is the subject of a popular children's nursery rhyme in Mexico.