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Molina (surname)

Molina is a Spanish surname. It originated from medieval Spain, in the Christian Kingdom of Castile, when Manrique Pérez de Lara, of the House of Lara, in April 1154 issued a fuero to the town of Molina, nowadays called Molina de Aragón. Thus, the Molina surname is not an occupational surname related with molino ('mill'). It belongs to another Spanish surname, Molinero (literally: 'miller'), to have been originated in the work and management of a mill. Nevertheless, Spanish municipalities like Molina de Segura ( Murcia) or Molina de Aragón ( Castilla-La Mancha) still nowadays include millstones or mill blades in their respective coats of arms (cf. coat of arms of Molina de Segura and Coats of arms of Molina de Aragón).


Molina or La Molina may refer to: