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Molin may refer to:

  • Adrian Molin (1880-1942), Swedish far-right writer and political activist
  • Bud Molin (Henry David Molin, 1925-2007), American film editor and television director
  • Emil Molin (born 1993), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Francesco Molin (1575-1655), Doge of Venice
  • Johan Molin (born 1976), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Lars Molin (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Ove Molin (born 1971), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Paolo Dal Molin (born 1987), Italian track and field athlete
  • Raffaele Molin (1825-87), Italian physician, geologist and zoologist (ichthyologist and parasitologist)
  • Xie Molin (born 1979), Chinese artist
  • Molin, Homalin, a village in Homalin Township, Hkamti District, in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma
  • Molin, Serbia, a former village in Banat, Serbia 1832-1961
  • Molin Forest, Nova Crnja municipality, Vojvodina province, Serbia, on the site of the former village