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Mohun may refer to:

  • Mohun Bagan AC an Indian sports club famous for its football team
    • Mohun Bagan Ground a sports ground used by that club
  • Mohun (surname)
Mohun (surname)

Mohun is an Irish surname.

People with this surname
  • Guy Mohun (died 1407), English royal administrator and bishop
  • Michael Mohun (1616?–1684), British actor
  • Richard Mohun (1865–1915), American explorer and soldier of fortune
  • William Mohun, English politician
  • Philippa de Mohun (died 1431), Duchess of York
  • William de Mohun of Dunster, 1st Earl of Somerset (c. 1090 – c. 1155), English lord
  • Baron Mohun a title in the English peerage created in 1299
    • John de Mohun, 2nd Baron Mohun (1320–1376)
  • Baron Mohun of Okehampton, a title in the English peerage created in 1628
    • John Mohun (1595–1641), the first Baron
    • Charles Mohun, 4th Baron Mohun (c. 1675 – 1712)