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Usage examples of "mogen".

Kagami poured three deciliters of Mogen David Imperial Sake into an earthenware cup and offered it to Chokki.

Ik heb je altijd mogen lijden, Vere, je bent een bliksems goede kerel, hoor je, Vere.

About the only break we got this time was an earwitness who claims he heard some noise, but he's a wino who was up to his eyebrows in Mogen David and Thunderbird.

Some corner of his mind perhaps found amusement in the scene, the SS and the Mogen David meeting in friendship at the front.

The $5 bill in his hand, there's a powerful sunburst of craving in his throat, chest, belly, for the sweetest Mogen David he can find in the wine and liquor store just across the street.

But when I explained I'd just stolen him from a cop, they smiled and shared some Mogen David with me and busted a hydrant so I could water the horse.

As I approached, I could see that his skin was nearly gray with accumulated filth, tanned by the wind, with an overlay of rosiness from recent sunburn or Mogen David wine .

It will add that information to whether he is growling or merely cursing his own idiocy under his breath, and whether his smell is Mogen David or something by Calvin Klein, and then flash a red or green light to your adrenal glands, all between one heartbeat and the next.