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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

former large lake of northern Egypt, from Egyptian mer-ur "big lake," from mer "lake" + ur "big."


Moeris may refer to:

  • Moeris, a genus of butterflies in the grass skipper family.
  • Lake Moeris, an ancient lake of Egypt
  • Amenemhat III (c. 1860-1814 BC), a Twelfth Dynasty pharaoh who reportedly dug the lake
  • Lacus Moeris, a surface feature on Mars
  • Aelius Moeris (fl. 2nd century), a Greek grammarian
  • Moeris, Indonesia
Moeris (skipper)

Moeris is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae.

Usage examples of "moeris".

Nilus mysteriously rose, broke its banks and spread a coat of thick, black mud replete with nutrition over the fields of that strange kingdom, seven hundred miles long but only four or five miles wide except for the anabranch valley of Ta-she and Lake Moeris, and the Delta.

The artificial lake of Moeris was created as a reservoir for the waters of the Nile: it was 'four hundred and fifty miles in circumference' and three hundred and fifty feet deep, with subterranean channels, flood-gates, locks, and dams, by which the wilderness was redeemed from sterility.

All over Isidis these giant new holes and hummocks were blistering the landscape, and after her talk and a sequence of mind-boggling slides, the areologist led a large group of interested scientists to the south end of Burroughs, past Moeris Lacus Mesa to the tent wall, where the neighborhood looked like it had been devastated by earthquake, the ground having heaved up to reveal a rising mass of ice like a bald round hill.