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I did the same for Modred, who shared his shift and also worked too much and got too thin, but who never showed exuberance about it.

That was why my lady Dela named him Modred, and I think why she bought him, because she was fascinated by dangerous-looking men.

So mostly Modred, really sexless, slept with his crewmates, who were also sexless during the voyages, and they kept each other company.

I think Modred wanted, with some dim curiosity, to do what others did, but it was only curiosity.

I confined myself after that to small games that Modred himself found pleasant.

I made it and got his hand, and hoped for help, because Modred was frightened by nothing, and if there was any of us who had a cold enough mind up here to be able to see what to do, I had most hope of Modred.

I moved after Modred, though the room kept shrinking and expanding insanely, and sometimes Gawain was very far away and sometimes just out of reach, but two-dimensional, so that he seemed pressed between two pieces of glass, and his beautiful hair hanging down at an unconscious angle seemed afire like the river of stars, streaming and flowing like light.

Likewise Modred and Percy said comp went out on them: it dumped program at times, and at others behaved itself.

I slipped it into my jacket and went out again, trusting Modred would cover for me when he must.

I decided I had better take the tape and hide it somewhere until I could get it to Modred, before something worse happened.

And Modred or others of the crew might know where he was, since he must have been on the bridge getting that duplicate tape run sometime around breakfast.

Percy pursed his lips and put on a blankness that would have done Modred credit.

Percy and Modred worked steadily for a few moments, and we started getting a clear tone.

Griffin said again, and this time Percy looked around at Dela, and Modred did, slowly and refusing to be hurried.

But Modred gave one of those short, curious nods of his and pushed a button.