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n. (cx informal English) moccasin (qualifier type of shoe English)


MOC, MoC, or moc may refer to:

Usage examples of "moc".

The weight of the iron dragged painfully against his injured right arm but also warned him that a new phase of imprisonment at Long Moc had begun.

They left him to rot in the sun-baked center of the Long Moc compound.

Americans at Long Moc, although the number of South Vietnamese prisoners is growing.

Considering his experiences with Major Han at Long Moc, he decided that he could expect many more sessions with the interrogators of Hoa Lo Prison.

Chet awakened the next morning and found him seated on his bedroll, the chamois band knotted around his neck since Long Moc now fastened across his forehead.

In the sky and in the isolation of Long Moc and Hoa Lo, Matt knew a higher power, perhaps God, had been with him.

I recommend to you the Vinh Moc tunnels where the residents of that coastal town lived for seven years during the American bombardment.

He drops the moc and slogs around the back of the burning car to where Beaver and Jonesy stand with their arms around each other.

He had on mirrorshades, mocs, sweatpants, a green and white polo shirt.

Bernal began to lay out rough garb that matched his own: leather jacket, pants, and mocs, with shirt and undergarments of wool.

The Mocs were the new home team, having adopted their name and attitude from the cottonmouth snake that was native to the Florida panhandle.

He gathered some paper towels from the head and used them to sop up the spilled hot chocolate, then he found the empty mug and her mocs and, after some thought, threw them in the trash chute.

Gillian got up and put on her Indian mocs, drew the drapes together and went to the bathroom.

He was wearing faded jeans, a shirt that was untucked and buttoned wrong at the bottom, and expensive mocs on bare feet.