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mobile phones

n. (mobile phone English)

Usage examples of "mobile phones".

Internet will be incorporated in the future into portable computers, palmtops, PDAs, mobile phones, cable television, telephones (with voice interface), home appliances and even wrist watches.

It took a moment for Graham to realise she meant for mobile phones.

Venus and the volcano ash hadn't put a stop to that, and they seemed to be everywhere: on the trains and the stations and the streets, with their mobile phones and their laughing faces and their fashionable rad-gear and their electronic toys.

Most carried mobile phones with which they kept in touch with the office.

But MI6 were tapping my home and mobile phones and it was irksome knowing that people I knew in UKZ would be listening to me.

Text-messaging alerts to mobile phones and pagers will also be available.

I spotted several slightly older women and men speaking into tiny mobile phones in the midst of the nighttime crowd.