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Turning away from Flinx, he and Moam started off into the trees, matching each other stride for stride.

He nodded encouragement, and she climbed carefully onto Moam, dug her claws into the thick fur, and hung on firmly.

If either Fluff or Moam noticed the weight on their backs it wasn't apparent, and the little group flew through the forest.

With seven limbs to hold on with, Sylzenzuzex kept her perch much more securely when Moam likewise rose to match Fluff's long two-legged stride.

We can't, no matter how we may feel personally about Fluff and Moam and the rest of these people, contravene the decision of the Council.

And you Moam, and you Bluebright and Softsmooth, and even Maybeso, wherever you are.

Flinx and Sylzenzuzex were sitting by the lakeshore with Fluff, Moam, and BluebSght.

Then he told the daughter, Lissus Moam, that he would torture her mother to death unless Lissus trained forty-three chil­dren he would select from poor houses.

He told them that if they talked or ever mentioned his name, he would kill Lissus Moam with torture.

He was able to pro­duce and denounce Lissus Moam as the instigator and got off himself without suspicion.

Lissus Moam was sen­tenced to die but, due to her skills, was spirited away by the Apparatus and some criminal was executed in her place.

Lissus Moam and the Countess Krak do not exist in the world of the living!

I expected Hightee to say something about remem­bering there was a daughter, a daughter called Lissus Moam, a daughter that went to the university and became part of the Education Division and taught chil­dren to rob banks and murder.

The female once known as Lissus Moam, actually of the family of Krak and also known as the Countess Krak, by reason of a deathbed confession of the true insti­gator of numerous crimes, is resurrected from the dead and is restored not only her papers and identity but also all the lands once held by said noble family Krak.