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Mmuock (sometimes Mmouck) is the anglicized form of Muòk —sometimes written as Moùk (see next paragraph). It is a tribe in the Western part of Cameroon. Belonging to the Bamilike ethnic group, the Mmuock group comprises four villages: Mmuock Leteh, Mmuock Fossimondi, Mmouckmbie and Mmouck Leleng (sometimes called Fossung Eleleng, especially by non-Mmuock people). The first three villages are found in the English-speaking Lebialem Division in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, while Mmouck Leleng lies in the french-speaking West Region.

The Mmuock tribe speaks the Mmuock language. Due to dialectal differences, the name of the tribe is pronounced in Mmuock-Leteh and Mmuock-Fossimondi as , and in the other two villages as . As a result, there are two anglicized spellings: Mmuock and Mmouck.