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MMT may refer to:

  • 4QMMT (or MMT), one of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered at Qumran in the West Bank
  • MMT Observatory, an astronomical observatory on the site of Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
  • MacMahon Master theorem, a result in enumerative combinatorics and linear algebra
  • Magical Mystery Tour, a 1967 double EP and LP by the English rock group The Beatles
  • Medical massage therapy, a form of massage with outcome-based on healing treatment
  • McMaster Musical Theatre, one of two semi-professional acting companies at McMaster University
  • Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), the use of methadone for someone who is addicted to opioids
  • Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl, an organomanganese compound with the formula (CHCH)Mn(CO)
  • Modern Monetary Theory, modern theoretical body of work on chartalism
  • MPEG media transport, a digital container format under development by the Moving Picture Experts Group
  • Multimode manual transmission, is a type of sequential manual transmission offered by Toyota
  • Montmorillonite, a naturally occurring clay in found in volcanic ash and used in a variety of industrial and medical applications
  • Myanmar Time, the time zone used in Myanmar (UTC+6:30)
MMT (Eclipse)

MMT is a subproject of the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) for Model-to-Model Transformations. In April 2012, it was renamed from M2M to avoid confusion with the increasingly popular Machine-to-Machine usage.

Three components are available for model to model transformations:

  • ATL (ATLAS Transformation Language) from INRIA
  • Operational QVT, originally from Borland
  • Declarative QVT, from Willink Transformations

The QVT components provide the Eclipse implementation of the OMG QVT standard (the Eclipse foundation is now a member of OMG as of January 2007).