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MMR may refer to:

In science and medicine:
  • MMR vaccine, for measles, mumps and rubella
  • DNA mismatch repair, a genetic repair pathway
  • Marine Mammal Regulations of Canada
  • Mass miniature radiography, a tuberculosis screening technique
  • Maternal mortality ratio
  • Mean-motion resonance, an interaction between two orbiting bodies
  • Mesozoic Marine Revolution, the burst of evolution in the Mesozoic era caused by increased predation pressure
In culture:
  • Metal Mind Records, a Polish record label
  • MetroMedia Radio, a former American radio network
  • WMMR, a rock radio station in Philadelphia
  • KMMR, a full-service radio station in Malta, Montana
In computing:
  • Meet-me room, a place where networks providers offer interconnectivity to their backbones
  • Modified Modified READ, an image compression algorithm
  • Multi-master replication, a method of database replication
In the military:
  • Merchant Marine Reserve
  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region
  • Master of Marketing Research, a business degree