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n. (alternative spelling of mmm English)


Mmmm is one of several spellings of an onomatopoeic expression (also Mmmh etc.)

MMMM or Mmmm may refer to:

  • General Francisco J. Mujica International Airport, Mexican airport, ICAO code: MMMM
  • 4000 (number) expressed in Roman numbers
  • The indication that a month should be written as a word, in some Date formats
  • MM Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine
  • Major Minor's Majestic March, videogame
  • Megalocornea-mental retardation syndrome, related to Megalocornea
  • Mmmm!, a 2008 album by Floor Thirteen

Usage examples of "mmmm".

I think if he thinks he can get away with it he’d keep Ian around so he’d have someone more, mmmm, more real to crow over and boast to.