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MMCinemas is a cineplex company based in Monterrey, Mexico that has built a nationally branded cineplex chain. It was originally formed by Grupo Multimedios (largest media conglomerate in Northern Mexico), but in 2006 was sold to Southern Cross Group and Morgan Stanley.

The company started in 1981 with a movie theater in Monterrey.

By 1994 they had 14 theatres and 47 screens. The price was controlled by the government.

By 2003 they had 65 theatres and 560 screens. The price was no longer controlled by the government.

Nowadays MMCinemas has more than 102 theatres and almost 1000 screens.

It has a loyalty program, MMCard, and many other elements that position MMCinemas as Mexico's and Latinoamerica's #2 movie chain and 10th in the world.