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MMB (cipher)

In cryptography, MMB (Modular Multiplication-based Block cipher) is a block cipher designed by Joan Daemen as an improved replacement for the IDEA cipher. Modular multiplication is the central element in the design. Weaknesses in the key schedule were identified by Eli Biham, and this, together with the cipher's not having been designed to resist linear cryptanalysis, meant that other designs were pursued instead, such as 3-Way.

MMB has a key size and block size of 128 bits.


MMB can refer to:

  • MMB (cipher), a block cipher in cryptography
  • Memanbetsu Airport, an airport at Hokkaidō, Japan ( IATA airport code: MMB)
  • 3-Mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol, a chemical found in some wines
  • Michigan Marching Band, of the University of Michigan
  • Middle mouse button, a button on the computer mouse
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a band from Boston
  • Milk Marketing Board, a former British government quango
  • Minimal metabolic behaviors, for modeling metabolic networks
  • Methyl methoxy butanol, is solvent for air freshener, cleaner, paint and inks