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MLV may refer to:

  • M. L. Vasanthakumari (1928−1990), Indian musician and playback singer
  • Major League Volleyball, a women's professional volleyball league in the United States 1987−1989
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl, Typically used for sound proofing/dampering.
  • Murine leukemia virus, a retrovirus which causes cancer in mice
  • Motor Luggage Van, British Rail Class 419
  • Meadowlake Village, a neighborhood of Baytown, Texas
  • Multilamellar Vesicle (biology and chemistry), a bubble of liquid with more than one phospholipid bilayer
  • Multilayer varistor, a device providing electrostatic discharge protection to electronic circuits
  • Roman numeral for 1055
  • Multiple-language version, a film production strategy of making a single film in two or more different languages
  • Modern Literal Version, a modern literal translation of the Christian Bible