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MK (channel)

MK was a mostly Afrikaans music channel, launched in mid-2005, as MK89, that is part of the DStv bouquet of satellite channels owned by MultiChoice/ M-Net, based in South Africa. MK is for Musiek Kanaal (Music Channel) and 89 was the original channel number on DStv satellite decoders. When the channel number was changed to 324, the channel was renamed to MK. At the end of July 2013 DSTV cancelled the channel and opted to move it to its audio bouquet due to lack of viewers. MK maintains an active online presence on their YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Website.

Even though the channel does not feature exclusively Afrikaans music, it has seen a tremendous boost for the resurging Afrikaans music scene, especially " indie" type of music. The coincidence of the channel's launch with a resurgence in South African filmmaking has helped stimulate the creation of high quality music videos, which has driven the look of the channel to a level that few could have anticipated at launch.

While the MTV influence in MK is apparent, it has managed to create an identity that is generally preferred compared to the international nature of the big music channels.

MK ceased to exist on the linear platform and is now trying to compete in a digital way on an international platform.