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vb. (archaic form of mix English)

Usage examples of "mixe".

For the layers, she mixes together soy hamburger crumbles, a good tomato sauce filled with mushrooms and finely chopped vegetables, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and non-fat ricotta cheese made even tastier by a good infusion of pesto.

Wanting to be neighborly, Slim planned to whip up a chocolate cake from one of his box mixes and carry it across the overgrown field that stretched between her place and his.

Crystal began looking through the cluttered cupboards to see what cake mixes were left.

As he rubs, her smallness mixes with the absolute bigness naked women have.

A button is off on her blouse and the sallow curve of breast into the bra mixes with her hot breath in his ear.

By the action of currents and eddies and by the rapid diffusion of gas particles, the air from the outside mixes with that in the alveoli and comes in contact with the membranous walls.

We made good time, and there was an abundance of easily killable game for food—rabbits, iguanas, armadillos—and the climate was comfortable for nighttime camping, so we did not sleep in any of the villages of the Mixe people whose territory we were then traversing.

The weather was so balmy that we availed ourselves of overnight shelter in just two villages—Pijijia among the Mame and Tonala among the Mixe people—and then only for the luxuries of having a freshwater bath and of dining on the delicious local sea fare: raw turtle eggs and stewed turtle meat, boiled shrimps, raw or steamed shellfish of all sorts, even broiled fillets of something called the yeyemichi, which I was told is the biggest fish in the world, and which I can attest is one of the tastiest to eat.