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vb. 1 (context transitive dialectal English) To pilfer; filch; steal. 2 (context intransitive dialectal English) To shrink or retire from view; lurk out of sight; skulk. 3 (context Ireland Wales English) To be absent from school without a valid excuse; to play truant. 4 (context intransitive dialectal English) To grumble secretly. 5 (context intransitive dialectal English) To pretend poverty.


Mitch may refer to:

Usage examples of "mitch".

Later, word came from Mitch that a couple of the kids, Stu among them, had been seen whacking the tar out of spaldeens at Dietetic Crescent.

Lady Christina de Dulcin turned her eyes from Mitch to Johann Karlsen, and screamed in abject terror.

Mitch had no idea whether ergotamine was an actual medication or a word the detective had invented on the spot.

Mitch asked as he bent and ran a hand over the well-worn velvet padded kneeler before the altar.

In the foyer, with its white-marble floor, Mitch looked left and right at an infinity of Mitches, echo reflections in two large facing mirrors with stainless-steel frames.

To his left, to his right, an uncountable number of Mitches receded from him in a mirror world, all of them with a ghastly expression, all of them lost.

Orval had been on that hunt and now Orval was shot too, and as Teasle guided Mitch through the storm across the bluff, he was more and more afraid that he himself was going to die as well.

Martin looking tipsy in a tux, Mitch Miller with his sing-along smile, Diane Renay in her middy blouse and perky sailor cap.

I was just wondering whether Mitch might have got the back-up idea from the same person who taught him to use seismological modelling programs.

Besides Mitch and Janine, there was one other couple, and one unpaired young woman, who I was seated next to.

He could tell old Mitch that this thing with Janice was hardly personal, merely her usual resentment of the situation now being tacked onto Wilk, and anyway, this was not a new speech .

Albert apparently refrained from Mitch recalled hearing something about a brouhaha in St.

Harold, Mandy, and John Reichman set up their reference material on the long oak table, Mitch whispered into a telephone on a credenza at one end of the room.

She blamed Mitch entirely and she kept that blame inside her, never saying a word outright, letting that blame grow and metastasize like a malignant tumor.

When Mitch came back downstairs, Megan was prowling around his living room restlessly.