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adv. In a misleading manner.


adv. in a misleading way; "the exam looked deceptively easy" [syn: deceptively, deceivingly]

Usage examples of "misleadingly".

Older than she by but ten years to my twenty, at six-four three inches taller than I, this reptile had been blessed with a misleadingly winning Irish countenance and a full head of crinkly red-blond hair.

These unhealthy nondrinkers would drag down the odds for the entire population of nondrinkers and misleadingly make moderate drinkers look good.

Some scientific materialists have misleadingly argued that the closure principle must be a universal truth because scientific research has found no evidence of any nonphysical influences in the natural world.

The barmaid named Daphne set pints of what was misleadingly called best bitter in front of David Goldfarb and Jerome Jones.