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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Misdeem \Mis*deem"\, v. t. To misjudge. [Obs.]


vb. To misjudge, to deem wrongly.

Usage examples of "misdeem".

What but thy malice moved thee to misdeem Of righteous Job, then cruelly to afflict him With all inflictions?

Wat sayeth, lord, and his japes, ye must not misdeem of us that we shepherds of the Downs can do nought but run to ales and feasts, and that we are but pot-valiant: maybe thou thyself mayst live to see things go otherwise: and in that day may we have such as thee for captain.

Of his rent heart so hard and cold a creed Had seared with blistering ice--but he misdeems That he is wise, whose wounds do only bleed Inly for self,--thus thought the Iberian Priest indeed, 11.

Rags on my back, and a false innocence Upon my face, through the misdeeming crowd Which judges by what seems.

For hee who tempts, though in vain, at least asperses The tempted with dishonour foul, suppos'd Not incorruptible of Faith, not prooff Against temptation: thou thy self with scorne And anger wouldst resent the offer'd wrong, Though ineffectual found: misdeem not then, If such affront I labour to avert From thee alone, which on us both at once The Enemie, though bold, will hardly dare, Or daring, first on mee th' assault shall light.