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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Misbecome \Mis`be*come"\, v. t. Not to become; to suit ill; not to befit or be adapted to.

Thy father will not act what misbecomes him.


vb. To be unsuitable, unbefitting, or maladapted.

Usage examples of "misbecome".

However, I am already old enough to acquit myself honestly and courteously to my friends and relations, and to encourage no reports of your mistress which would misbecome a queen and her kinswoman.

Since you introduce the subject of perils, it perhaps does not misbecome me to say that my most imminent perils come from yourself, or at least would come if I believed in your love and accepted your addresses.

It misbecomes him to assign free men, Christians, and brave knights, to the fetters of the infidels.

Surely, then, it neither misbecomes me as her son, nor as the son of Sir Boyvill, to undertake any action that will tend to clear up the mystery.

Lang, when for lack of breath you have stayed your oaths and language misbecoming a gentleman.