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Mirvis (and variants including Mervis, Mirvish, and Mirviss) is a surname of Lithuanian Jewish origin. The name may refer to:


  • Ephraim Mirvis (born 1956), Orthodox rabbi and Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth
  • Tova Mirvis, American novelist
  • Dan Mirvish, American filmmaker and author
  • Philip H. Mirvis (born 1951), organizational psychologist and writer
  • Ed Mirvish (1914–2007), Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and theatrical impresario
  • David Mirvish (born 1945), Canadian art collector and theatre producer; son of Ed Mirvish
  • Gary Mervis, founder of Camp Good Days and Special Times


  • Mervis Hall, an academic building at the University of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, United States
  • David Mirvish Gallery, an art gallery run by David Mirvish in Toronto from 1963 to 1978
  • Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto (previous names include the Pantages Theatre, the Imperial Theatre, and the Canon Theatre)
  • Ed & Anne Mirvish Parkette, a public park in Toronto, named for Ed Mirvish
  • Mirvish Village, a commercial district in Toronto, named for Ed Mirvish

Other uses:

  • Mirvish Productions, Canada-based theatrical production company founded by David Mirvish
  • Mervis Pantry, a fictional character on the animated television series CatDog

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