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The museum comprehended an infinite number of medals, coins, urns, utensils, seals, cameos, intaglios, precious stones, vessels of agate and jasper, crystals, spars, fossils, metals, minerals, ore, earths, sands, salts, bitumens, sulphurs, ambergrise, talcs, mirre, testacea, corals, sponges, echini, echenites, asteri, trochi, crustatia, stellae marine, fishes, birds, eggs and nests, vipers, serpents, quadrupeds, insects, human calculi, anatomical preparations, seeds, gums, roots, dried plants, pictures, drawings, and mathematical instruments.

Ne how the fyr was couched first with stree, And thanne with drye stokkes clovena thre, And thanne with grene wode and spicerye, And thanne with clooth of gold and with perrye, And gerlandes hangynge with ful many a flour, The mirre, thencens, with al so greet odour.