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Mirceşti is a commune in Iaşi County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Iugani and Mirceşti. It also included the villages of Izvoarele, Răchiteni and Ursăreşti until 2004, when these were split off to form Răchiteni Commune.

Mircești (disambiguation)

Mirceşti may refer to several places:

In Romania:

  • Mircești, a commune in Iaşi County
  • Mirceşti, a village in Tătulești Commune, Olt County
  • Mirceşti, a village in Tăcuta Commune, Vaslui County
  • Mirceştii Noi and Mirceştii Vechi, villages in Vânători Commune, Vrancea County
  • Mirceşti, a former village in Ion Corvin Commune, Constanța County

In Moldova:

  • Mirceşti, a village in Boghenii Noi Commune, Ungheni district