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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mino is the name of several places in Japan:

  • Mino, Gifu, a city in Gifu Prefecture
  • Mino, Kagawa, a former town in Kagawa Prefecture
  • Mino, Tokushima, a town in Tokushima Prefecture
  • "Mino" is an alternate spelling of Minoh, Osaka, a city in Osaka Prefecture
  • Mino District, Hyōgo, a former district in Hyōgo Prefecture
  • Mino District, Shimane, a former district in Shimane Prefecture
  • Mino Province, an old province in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture
  • Mino dialect, a Japanese dialect spoken in southern Gifu Prefecture

Mino may also refer to:

  • Mino (straw cape), a type of traditional Japanese raincoat
  • Mino (bird), a genus of myna starlings
  • Mino (TV series), a 1986 ZDF mini series
  • Dahomey Amazons or Mino, a cadre of Amazon warriors in the kingdom of Dahomey
  • Flip Video Mino, a small camcorder
  • Mino Raiola, an Italian football agent
Mino (bird)

Mino is a genus of mynas, birds in the starling family. These are the largest of the starlings, and are found in tropical moist lowland forests in Papua New Guinea and neighbouring islands. The members of the genus are:

  • Golden myna, Mino anais
  • Yellow-faced myna, Mino dumontii
  • Long-tailed myna, Mino kreffti

The long-tailed myna was formerly considered a subspecies of the yellow-faced myna.

Miño (Tineo)

Miño (Miñu) is one of 44 parishes (administrative divisions) in Tineo, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

It has a population of 209.

Mino (miniseries)

Mino was the eighth ZDF-Weihnachtsserie , and aired in 1986. The series was broadcast in Germany on ZDF, and consisted of 6 episodes. Broadcasting in Germany began on December 25, 1986. The series was also broadcast in Italy, and consisted of 4 episodes. Broadcasting in Italy began on December 28, 1986. The series was an Italian-German co-production. It was inspired by the Italian novel The little Alpino by Salvator Gotta.

Mino (footballer)

Bernardino Serrano Mori (born 29 January 1963 in Antromero, Asturias), known as Mino, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender.

Mino (straw cape)

A is a traditional Japanese garment, a raincoat made out of straw. Traditional mino are an article of outerwear covering the entire body, although shorter ones resembling grass skirts were also historically used to cover the lower body alone. Similar straw capes were also used in China, Vietnam and Korea.

Usage examples of "mino".

And the uncle: Mino presenting herself for the first time as wife, a present is to be brought.

Should I assume that the men in Mino are impressed by this sort of thing?

Saito of Mino and the Hachisuka, but for many years they had been bound by a secret alliance to help one another in emergencies.

But even when they had crossed into Mino proper, the atmosphere of suspicion did not dissipate, and Hiyoshi asked Shichinai why.

Before arriving in Mino, Hiyoshi had worried that he would be forced to do something against his better judgment.

Eventually he had risen from the lowly position of oil merchant and seized the province of Mino with his bare hands.

If more proof were needed of his astuteness, once he had become master of Mino, he had not ceded a single inch of land to his enemies.

Among those most eager to see this happen were, of course, Saito Dosan of Mino and Imagawa Yoshimoto of Suruga.

For a number of years Mino and Owari had been enemie so the marriage was a political one.

Lord Saito Dosan of Mino, who was leaning against the windowsill in a small room, keeping an eye on what was going on.

Compared with them, the spearmen of Mino looked short and lacking in spirit.

Imagawa for even two weeks or a month, we could send messengers to Mino or Kai and ask for reinforcements.

Saito of Mino, the Kitabatake of Ise, the Takeda of Kai, and the Imagawa of Suruga.

Working secretly in both Owari and Mino, Koroku had managed to secure a power base and enough influence to resist the will of Nobunaga.

I suppose you plan to let them finish the castle, then attack, and use it as a foothold for Mino to gain supremacy over Owari.