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Usage examples of "minn".

She did her hair and her face and went downstairs to join the family for kqffietafel, and ate her bread and cold meat and cheese and omelette with a healthy appetite which called forth delighted surprise from Mevrouw Van Minn en, who had thought she had looked too delicate to do more than peck at her food.

Friso was doing--he had taken the morning surgery so that Or Van Minn en could go to Leeuwarden-- he had presumably gone to his own home.

They would see him later, said Mevrouw Van Minn en comfortably, and suggested that the two girls went out for a walk so that Harriet could see something of the town.

Dr Van Minn en, who had disappeared soon after tea to take his evening surgery, came back in time to dispense an excellent sherry from a beautiful decanter into crystal glasses.

Dr Van Minn en and stood staring at her with the same cool grey eyes that she had been trying so hard to forget.

She closed the filing cabinet carefully, smiled at Dr Van Minn en, and walked without haste to the door which he was holding open for her, and passed him with no more than a brief glance, her head very high.

Mevrouw Van Minn en said something, Harriet had no idea what until she heard the word kqffie.

Wierd came after tea, with more flowers, and sat talking to Dr Van Minn en until Sieske, who had gone upstairs to dress, came down again looking radiant.

The guests arrived soon afterwards, and she circled the room with first one then the other of the Van Minn ens, shaking hands and uttering her name with each handshake.

Sieske drove the Mini she and her mother shared between them, with Harriet beside her, and Mevrouw Van Minn en 62 dozing comfortable in the back.

Sieske translated as much as possible of the conversation, and presently old Mijnheer Van Minn en came and sat beside her, and talked, rather hesitantly, in English.

She wrote them down in her neat handwriting with a pen borrowed from Dr Van Minn en, on a leaf torn from his pocket-book.

They were all sitting round the table eating the meal Mevrouw Van Minn en had made the rest of the family wait for, when the front door was opened and closed again with a thud followed by silence.

Taeike jumped up and made room for him at the table, and Maggina ran to get a fresh plate and Mevrouw Van Minn en made haste to serve him.

She sat staring at him, longing to pick a quarrel, but with the Van Minn en family laughing and talking around them, it was impossible to do so, and he knew it.