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Minky is the trading name of Vale Mill (Rochdale) Limited, a company based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom that produces cleaning material and equipment.

Usage examples of "minky".

The evening smelled of lilies and of antique roses too and Big Bob marched across the bridge that had once crossed the railway tracks and wondered to himself whether it would perhaps be better just to go home and have his wife Minky lock him away in their pink coal cellar for the night.

At a little after eight of the delicious Brentford evening clock, Minky Charker answered the knock at her front door to find Kelly Anna Sirjan, freshly showered and looking radiant, standing on the doorstep of pink stone.

Kelly left the house of Big Bob Charker, not to mention Minky, and took to some wanderings of her own.

After Oriana and I went off to college together, Agnes had come along and helped Mary Margaret raise Minky into an intelligent, gracious and empathic young woman.

Her hair was the flat noncolor that comes from a bottle, a minky brown.