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Usage examples of "minie".

Jubal stepped to the ground and the Minie signaled him into the structure.

The Minie conducted him to a rough wooden table and indicated a bowl of porridge.

Jubal tensed himself to rise but the Minie spoke in a stern voice: “Eat!

The Minie signed him to proceed along the path, into the shade of the trees.

The Minie stared toward Jubal, who, drawn by the gaze, moved slowly forward to the base of the stone floor.

The Minie, standing almost against the trunk of the Old Tree, said, “The discussion need proceed no further.

The Minie stood beside the Old Tree, contemplating Ramus Ymph, who moved his lips in speech without producing sound, like a man under water.

A long, puckered scar marred the smooth skin of her left upper arm, outer mañ of where a Minie ball had gashed the muscle.

Stuart had it in the knee and a minie ball went through Brent’s shoulder.

Well, I fought along with the cavalry for a spell till I got a minie ball through the shoulder.

The musketeers were going through their own drill—bite open a cartridge, prime the pan of their flintlocks, put the butt between their feet, pour the rest of the powder down the barrel, follow it with the hollow-based minie bullet, ram the paper on top as wad, a thump-thump-thump sound.

They're small and look down-time, only they got rifling and they take minie balls.

A twig the last Minie ball had clipped fell on the back of his neck.

Stuart had it in the knee and a minie ball went through Brent’.

A soldier, mind blanked in panic, would ram home minie ball after ball, until the blaster was totally blocked with up to a dozen unfired rounds.