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n. A textphone.


Minicom is a text-based modem control and terminal emulation program for Unix-like operating systems, originally written by Miquel van Smoorenburg, and modeled after the popular MS-DOS program Telix. Minicom includes a dialing directory, ANSI and VT100 emulation, an (external) scripting language, and other features. Minicom is a menu-driven communications program. It also has an auto ZMODEM download.

A common use for Minicom is when setting up a remote serial console, perhaps as a last resort to access a computer if the LAN is down. This can be done using nothing more than an old 386 laptop with a Minicom floppy distribution such as Pitux or Serial Terminal Linux.

Minicom (disambiguation)

Minicom may be:

  • The common British name for a telecommunications device for the deaf or textphone
  • Minicom, a modem control and terminal emulation program
  • Minicom Advanced Systems, a manufacturer of KVM Switches and Audio Video Distribution for Digital Signage

Usage examples of "minicom".

When he returned three minutes later he brought with him a so-called minicom, which was a micro-hypercom transceiver.

Radio news received on his minicom had been meager during the seven planetary days of march.