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n. a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations [syn: mentality, outlook, mindset]

Usage examples of "mind-set".

Consequently, this is the mind-set that prompted in 1984 the active inclusion of forensic pathology in the criminal profiling activities of the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

The Shell blowback at Surire should have habituated him to the mind-set of the kind of people he was dealing with.

That contradicts the attitude that we know Jesus had toward women, but it fits well with the Gnostic mind-set.

Your violent criminals are one thing, they can be locked up, but our power freak is different even though his mind-set is practically the same.

I sensed that clannish, secretive mind-set of a lifelong carny, so I talked for a bit about the gillies and ragbags I'd worked in the Midwest, all the way through Ohio, while he continued to tinker with the generator and remained mute.

Their excessively mercantile mind-set has gen­erated a very anharmonic planetary aura.

We Synthetics are confronting a cultural mind-set, what your apparat, Eugene, would call a paradigm, that is directly opposed to everything that unites the Synthesis.

Neelah had spent too much time with crafty and scheming creatures such as the bounty hunter Boba Fett not to have some of their survival-oriented mind-set seep into her own.

They were chemists, engineers, physicists, geneticists, mineralogists, agrotechnicians, mathematicians, doctors, metallurgists—nearly every adult who had boarded either of the two colony ships had had advanced degrees in some scientific field, and every day they were earnestly passing on that knowledge, and that mind-set, to their children.

Sixty years after his death, Kafka epitomizes one aspect of this modern mind-set: a sensation of anxiety and shame whose center cannot be located and therefore cannot be placated.

Hasselrich wanted to go along with her daughter's wishes, but her husband-with his legal mind-set, you know--said it wasn't in writing.