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n. (abbreviation of minute English)

Usage examples of "min.".

I want you to meet Min. Not in the garden where Logain is going, thank the Light.

Liandrin peered at Elayne and Min. The late afternoon sunlight, slanting through the branches, shadowed their faces beneath the hoods of their cloaks.

Renna pulled Egwene roughly to her feet and pushed her toward Bela, but Egwene had eyes only for Min. Elbar was no gentler with Min than Renna with her, but she thought Min was all right.

The longer she had gone without seeing an enemy at whom she could strike, the more she had begun to worry that they might be sneaking up on her somehow, and the more she had had time to worry about what was happening to Egwene, and Elayne, and Min. Now she was forced to admit that what she felt most was fear.

Egwene jumped to her feet and bowed sharply, as did Min. The tiny room was crowded for bowing, but Seanchan insisted on protocol before comfort.

Nynaeve looked at her closely, then at Min. It was time for the dangerous part.

Old things he could remember, but the last few days seemed like bits of broken mirror, spinning through his mind, showing glimpses that were gone before he could see them clearly.

Mistommerk was already inhabited by native sentients who called themselves the Min. They were not happy about this influx of intruders and they were frightened by our gear.

Friendship between women is a good thing but it makes a man uneasy when his mind is on the Changes and her mind is with her friend.

You said harsh things of him after he went to find Min. He was furious with you for that.

He was in serious trouble two or three times while he was off looking for Min, do you know that?

You were very cruel to him, that time he climbed the rocks to look for Min. You could tell him that you regret that now.

Winston, think of Min. If she was murdered in cold blood, which I think she was, the person who did it should be brought to justice.